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Grant Writing

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Grant Writing Services

About us

At Transforming Collective, we have 25 years of combined experience and countless hours worth of working on international small to large scale research and development projects in the field of creative economy and education mainly. Hence we know how the initial excitement with the idea can be followed by the frustration with all the formalities and organizational challenges. Following our unique working process and focussing on your needs - be it providing feedback at certain points or staying at your side for the whole time - we will do our best to make sure your project succeeds.


Our Services

There are several ways we can help in the grant writing process, from offering a helping hand to taking care of the entire process.....blah blah

Choose this package if you have completed your application and are looking for a professional review. We provide detailed feedback in this package, but do not rewrite your grant.
  • Honest feedback on your application via a written checklist/suggestions

  • Suggestions for improvement of written questions

  • Check budget for accuracy, *including detailed budget template for screen grants

  • Check support material meets grant requirements, *including venue and travel information for touring grants

Guided Support
Choose this package if you need an expert to write your grant and you DO NOT HAVE project, marketing, HR, WHS, evaluation plan and/or timelines fully developed
  • Everything in the Grant Writing tier, plus the following:

  • Working with you to discover the best grants for your project

  • Guided support to develop plans and processes essential as supporting documents for your grant application AND for your overall project success

  • Advice on seeking competitive quotes

  • Guidance on industry-standard charges for artist and arts worker fees

  • Support letter management and content

  • *Assist with community engagement strategies for touring grants

  • *Extra budget template work for screen grants

The Full Package
Choose this package if you know which grant you wish to apply for, have a fully developed plan, including timelines, marketing, WHS evaluation and require an expert to write the grant application
  • Provide guidance for an initial conversation with the funding agency

  • Guidance in setting up online application logins

  • Complete the grant questions based on your project plan

  • Complete the grant budget following funding agency protocols/templates

  • Provide a sample support letter as required

  • Work through a shared online Google Drive account for transparency and ease of communication

  • *Extra location and/or budget reporting for touring and/or screen industry grants

Our Process

There are several ways we can help in the grant writing process, from offering a helping hand to taking care of the entire process.....blah blah

Step 1

*New Clients: Complete the online Grant Writing Assistance Form by clicking HERE. Attend Zoom meeting (details emailed to you) to discuss your project. We will explain Applause Genie’s processes for grant writing commissions

Step 2

Complete contract and secure a booking to have Applause Genie craft your grant application. Make payment of the invoice emailed to you by Applause Genie support staff.

Step 3

Provide initial information on your project to Applause Genie through the Google Drive link, which will be provided. Secure and provide to Applause Genie support documentation based on advice from our expert grant writer.

Step 4

Applause Genie crafts your bespoke grant application, including budget. We work through Google docs, where you can view the process and provide feedback on the answers to grant questions.


#Extra support given to craft essential provided in the Guided Support Package

Step 5

You work with Applause Genie to make a final check over the bespoke crafted application and budget. Once completed and signed off, we submit the bespoke grant application.



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